Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Young couple delivers triplets, struggling to cater for them

Expecting to have their firstborn, Habanabashaka and Florence got three
After getting the news she was pregnant, newly wed 23 year old Mukamana Florence and her husband 25 year old Habanabashaka Jean Damaciene of Akaboti Cell, Kansi Sector in Gisagara District begun the long wait for of their firstborn,  but little did they know they would instead have three babies.
The couple gave birth to three bouncing baby boys about two months ago from the University Teaching Hospital (CHUB) in Huye district where Florence underwent a C-section operation to deliver her three.
The young father and mother share the joy they felt for their triple bundle of blessing (as is customary in Rwandan culture to refer to a child as Umugisha –blessing from God).
But with their inexperience, meager means, and the overwhelming task that comes with having three little ones to cater for at ago, Habanabashaka and wife are now already against the ropes.
Since the birth of the couple’s children, Rwanda Red Cross local committee in Gisagara mobilised volunteers in the area to visit this family and supported them in every means that was at their disposal.
Among others, they bought clothes for the little ones and their mother, cleared farming land to help Habanabashaka cultivate enough food for his family and constructed a vegetable garden (kitchen garden) for the family to help provide food supplements for the young mother so she can get enough breast milk for her three babies.
For parents, it is easy to appreciate that even caring for one infant in itself is no easy responsibility; sleepless nights of tending to their needs, skyrocketing expenditures on this and that among many others are all familiar images.
But how about three little ones at one single time literally translating into x3 each of the psychological and financial requirements of parenthood?
But the demanding nature of parenthood in Habanabashaka and Florence's case is exacerbated by not only having triplets but also that they were originally both orphaned children who are trying to rebuild their lives and with little avenues to turn to for help.
Habanabashaka for instance was one of the 15,000 Orphaned and other vulnerable Children in the Southern Province who benefited from a Rwanda Red Cross implemented OVC Program that ran for ten years until last year, and although he had appreciably made strides in improving his living conditions, he is not capable of meeting the needs of his three little ones.
For instance, he admits, affording milk to supplement breast milk for the babies is already becoming tough.
On some rough days, the mother sorrowfully warms water and serves her little ones.
The parents surely need help as Rwanda Red Cross Coordinator in Gisagara, Robert Muyenzi confirms.
“Our volunteers have helped in various ways so far, but the needs of this young family remain enormous. We are trying to solicit help from different partners thus are also appealing to all to help these young parents to enjoy their little bundles of blessings.”
Despite the challenges that it spells, Habanabashaka and Florence continue to celebrate and thank God for their triple blessing.
Rwanda Red Cross Volunteers clear farming land for Hanabashaka's family, and plant a vegetable garden to supplement in meeting particularly Florence's food needs